All Australian

We are “all Australian”, Australian owned, run and staffed. Our customer care operators know where you are.

We specialise in connecting our customers to some of Australia’s fastest super & ultra-fast fibre networks. There are many alternative private operators who are delivering super-fast fibre networks, not just NBN Co (the government-funded company) and all these providers contribute to the overall National Broadband Network (NBN) strategy.

We only specialise in Super-fast Networks

We can provide access not only on the NBN Co network but also that of innovative private fibre and super fast network operators. If you are in a building that has a network by another private operator, chances are we can provide you the service you desire. If not, please let us know as we want to aggregate and interconnect all Australian super-fast networks.

Fibre Networks

In selected buildings, some of the private network operators are offering access speed in excess of standard NBN Co 100/40Mbps plans. These are in our Fibre plans and are limited to the buildings where these operators have large backhaul capacity.

Become your own ISP

If you are interested in becoming your own national ISP, talk to us about how you can either be your own branded community ISP or an agent of Valve Networks.

We will give you a Guarantee, that we will not be beaten on price for a quality service.